• Vintage 70's Handmade Red Maxi Skirt 50's Hawaiian Fabric 1X XXL Plus

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A vintage Hawaiian maxi skirt from the late 1960's to 1970's
Homemade in Hawaiian fabric from the 1950's to mid 1960's.
Hibiscus flowers in a deep red with black and gold painted accents.
A - line cut with elastic waistband.
Full length with rear kick pleat.+ No hem 
By: Hand / Homemade - No signature on the selvage of the fabric.
Fabric: Best guess - Cotton
Unsized - Measures around a modern size 1X - XXL
- Elastic could be changed to fit a smaller size. 
M E A S U R E M E N T S  
Waist relaxed to stretched: 34 to 38 inches 
Hips: 56 inches
Waist to hem: 41 inches
Kick pleat: 16 inches long


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