New Rocking Glossy Red With Silver Clef Note Guitar Head Belt Buckle

$ 12.00

Sold Out


Buckle Width:  3.93”

Buckle Length:  2.75”



These belt buckles are awesome for guitars players and any fan of music really.  The belt is made of a high grade zinc alloy, and is painted a glossy red with a silver tone clef note.  There is great deal of detail in the buckle which features 6 tuning pegs, and 6 faux strings which end at the nut.  Please note that no belt comes with the buckle.

These buckles are a special order and will typically be delivered to you in 2 to 3 weeks.  If you need expedited delivery please contact me first and I will work with you on getting it to you in your required time frame.

If you have any further questions please feel free to send us a message and we will happily answer all inquiries.  Thank you.

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